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Before the 1990s major spelling reform, the latter spelling was also accepted in Dutch, 31 although other Dutch words such as commissie commission were already spelt with c, which in Afrikaans would be kommissie.
Dutch words ending in lijk, however, end in lik in Afrikaans, not lyk, for example lelijk (ugly) in Dutch becomes lelik in Afrikaans.Waar de rotsen antwoord geven.100 There are some instances of Afrikaans using calques or loan translations where Dutch uses an English loanword, such as the word for "milkshake melkskommel, from melk milk and skommel shake" or "shuffle in contrast to Dutch, in which the original English word is untranslated.As an adjective, like the Dutch heet, it means "hot as in "high temperature and can also mean "fiery temper".62 Afrikaans uses only sk (written as sk) in initial syllables where Dutch uses sx, s or sç (written as sch hence skoonheid beauty in Afrikaans is schoonheid in Dutch.73 The title "Kingdom of the Netherlands which refers to the entire realm including its Caribbean islands, is known in Afrikaans as Koninkryk kortingsbon wittekentekenplaat nl van die Nederlande, a direct translation of the Dutch title Koninkrijk der Nederlanden, which uses the genitive article der meaning "of the".Changes to digraph ij edit The Dutch digraph ij was converted to y in Afrikaans, although pronunciation remained.
91 By contrast, kortingscode wehkamp augustus 2016 whereas advocaat in Dutch means "lawyer in Afrikaans, advokaat is only used to mean "advocate" or "barrister hence "Senior Counsel" in Afrikaans being Senior Advokaat.
However, in both languages, a member of a council or councillor is raadslid.At the end of words, Dutch cluster ct was reduced to k in Afrikaans, hence Dutch contact and perfect with Afrikaans kontak and perfek.However, although Suid-Afrika South Africa is used in Afrikaans rather than Zuid-Afrika as in Dutch, South Africa adopted "ZA" as its international vehicle registration code in 1936, which later became the country's ISO country code, becoming the country's internet domain.Door op een merk of artikel te klikken proberen we je een zo'n compleet mogelijk beeld te geven van bij welke winkels dit product te koop is, waar eventueel in de aanbieding is en waar mogelijk direct online besteld kan worden.The adjectives saggies and zachtjes, both meaning "softly are diminutives of Afrikaans sag and Dutch zacht respectively.

Spelling and society: the culture and politics of orthography around the world.
Dutch uses an apostrophe in some unmarked possessive pronouns instead of the digraph ij, hence zijn "his" or "its" becomes z'n, whereas in Afrikaans, sy is not abbreviated.
This ending is also found in some varieties of Dutch Low Saxon, a group of dialects spoken in the Northeastern Netherlands.