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How to make a battleship

When people are guessing where they think your ships are, they tend to guess sporadically.
If you're bored with the simple boat design and want to take your folding up a notch, you can begin making a more advanced paper battleship by starting out with a large square of paper.
If the shape doesn't look like this, it is likely your measurements were wrong at some point leading up.
You should use specially made origami paper.This will open up the boat and turn it into a three-dimensional object.Guess everywhere that I mentioned you shouldn't put your ships, because they will most likely be the places that your opponent has their ships.I don't mean guessing the middle of the board here.The two folds together comprise a gate fold.Such places to put your ships are: H8, I2, F6, C7, etc.
Not that that's wrong to do (lol it's just not what I mean by this.
Another thing our brains do: make patterns.So, for example: if you think their carrier (the 5 peg one) could be between B1 and en guess around B4 or B5, because whether you count in five from B1 or you count in five from B7, B4 or B5 will be a hit.Maybe they make half and half (like my opponent did above) where they put half horizontals and half verticals?4 Fold the square both ways diagonally.After opening the bottom it should take on a long diamond shape.Radar, extra krastos the glue maker sails, cannons and top decks are a few ideas of things you might add to your vessel.You can complete this more easily by pulling open the body from the corners.Here are some tips for more accurately guessing your opponent's ship placement:.Dominate and win the game.Maybe let them win a little to encourage their desire to play more, thus practice more, thus get better at it faster.