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How to make a cheap toga

Your website was a great help.
Cheers Matt Mruz Ron, Loved your site. .
Our outfits worked out great and we couldn't have done it without your website!
Third: ake both folded how o make a minecraft server sheets by the TOP 2 corners and slide the shower curtain rings over them.It wasn't only cheap but it was also comfortable!But hope you like my toga!We told everyone about your site and everyone looked wonderful. .Here are a few pictures from potato twister maken a friends birthday party last week.We were all pleased with our creations.
An outstanding time was had by all. .
Besides being cleverly written and a cause for some good laughs, it was packed full of great tips and very helpful in the creation of our togas. .Better than most togas I have seen! .Just thought I'd throw some games your way.Hopefullly you can post this picture on email maker your website.Thank you for all your tips.I'm the one in the black with the pink.We referred them all to your site as the most definitive; your site is still by far the best reference on the web.Hi, we recently went on a toga social as part of York University Canoe Club in chilly old England.I just wanted to say thanks for your help and keep on toga partying!-Jolie I follow all your instructions and a little bit of creativity I ended up with the best toga in the party - Jos Hey Ron.