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How to make a login system in html

Correct usage of PM2 for Node?
Problems Reply, many things you can do, but your system is pretty much right.
Secondly, there is another database called "sessions it contains a custom session zelf patat maken oven hash, and user's.
This is less of a problem if you make sure that the cadeau 80 jaar vrouw session hash is always sent over SSL, but if not, it is possible that someone can get that 32 character session hash and use it to steal someone's session and gain access.Most commonly people use Mysql since.N atus Missing data or Invalid.I am trying to make a simple login system in javascript.If anyone know, please let me know.I need the code to redirect users to certain pages.g.The code should be for multiple users.g: user: love pass: cat, user2: mom pass2: love etc.Of course, there is a "members" table which contains data like ID, username, bcrypt encrypted password, email, and other data.H /created by chaitanya int main char username15; char password12; printf Enter your username:n scanf s username printf Enter your password:n scanf s password if(strcmp(username chaitu 0) if(strcmp(password 123 0) printf nWelcome.
Javascript, how to make a login system in Javascript?
If you don't do this, then your app will be vulnerable to session theft.
Edit : To store data, there is a database needed, in PHP, c c# it is much easier to connect with MySQL to store data.script hr form name"iAccInput" center table border"1px" bordercolor c0c0c0" cellpadding"5" cellspacing"0" TR TD align"right" p font size"3" face"Arial" B User Name: /B /font /p /td TD input type"text" name"iName" maxlength"15" /td TD /td /tr tr TD align"right" p font size"3" /p /TD td input name"iAccID".The same session hash would be inserted into the "sessions" database, together with the ID, of the user which logged.As this is a basic programme, so password is clearly visible in this C code.This is less of a problem these days as broadband is more and more popular.Why can't I set a JavaScript function's name property?And the hash have to be really-really random.You can also try some other types of database like ruby rails.If username textbox has the text love and pass is cat then user should be redirected to ml if username is MOM and pass is love then user should be redirected.Send _post array using ajax with PHP?

I know all security issues that occur when using javascript login but those are for a school project.