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How to make a webquest in powerpoint

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Recommended, learning to Run Webinars, online Course - LinkedIn Learning, teaching Techniques: Blended Learning.That belongs in the Process section.Requires higher level thinking, not simply summarizing.Subscribers can also start with an existing WebQuest created by one of QuestGarden's 150000 members and modify it easily to meet their needs.Write a short paragraph here to introduce the activity or lesson to the students.The most difficult part is choosing a design and task.Evaluation : In many cases youll want to evaluate and grade the work of your students, so this section should clearly outline the criteria.Supporting documents in Inspiration, Word, PowerPoint, etc can be attached to your WebQuest.If you break learners into groups, embed the links that each group will look at within the description of that stage of the process.
The Process (Teacher) Student Page Title Introduction Learners Standards Process Resources Credits Teacher Page You can paste in the process description given to students in the student process slide and then interleave the additional details that a teacher might need.
A teacher can search for WebQuests on a particular topic or they can develop their own using a web editor like Google Sites.
Process : Clearly describe the steps students should go through to accomplish the task.Since searching and finding information online is a key 21st century skill, consider leaving some parts intentionally blank and ask students to hunt down the information online themselves.You may have a set of links that everyone looks at as a way of developing background information, or not.Quot; If the lesson can easily be extended to additional grades and subjects, mention that briefly here as well.Use the language of existing standards.