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How to make something smaller in photoshop cs6

And I'll go back to the Image menu and choose Canvas Size.
But with this tip, its a piece of cake.So how do you go about changing the resolution of a printed image to 300 pixels per inch in this dialogue box?If you're following along, let's open this image, that you'll find in the practice files for this tutorial.Support your channel partners and build relationships.Exhibit to gauge your overall offerings to a particular audience.So, we want it on, to make sure that the Width is linked to the Height, so that when we resize the image, the original proportion of width to height is preserved and the image doesn't look squeezed or stretched.Hold a product launch party or reception.And down here you can add to the Width of the canvas or add to the Height of the canvas or both.Give buyers the chance to see how can i make whipped cream and feel the quality of your products.
So that's how you can add space to your document canvas, so you have some extra room to add more image elements.
Invite show guests to try it out.So, after making those few changes in the Image Size dialog, we can now come down to the OK button and click there to close the Image Size dialog box and take us back to the Document window.I'm just going to leave that at 0 for now.To resize this image, I'll go up to the Image menu, and I'll choose Image Size.The period of designing varies according to the types of the stand.I'll type 400 here.And now, I can type in the number of pixels that I want to add to the canvas.Holding down the Option/Alt key scales from the center, increasing the size in all directions.Replaces color fringes with the color of fully selected pixels nearby.