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Create a quiz that can be put tafel green egg maken on your own web server.
If you generated a quiz for the web, then save the resulting page "as source." Step 6: Contribute the quiz to a4esl.
(Optional) Paste the same data that you put in the above box into the web form, then click the "submit" button.
If you are interested in checking out this exciting new development, please click on the link.(Excess choices will be gracefully ignored.).The Rest Copyright All Rights Reserved.Step 3: Choose the kind of quiz you want to generate.For best results, read all of the steps below before trying to generate a quiz.Note the entries must be separated by semicolons.Quiz Type: Multiple Choice True/False Matching WrittenNew!Multiple Choice Quiz Maker (version.2.0) click here for more details.
Pool of answer choices (edit the English definition entries as needed.If you generated the "For printing to paper" quiz, you have 2 options.Note Pinyin must be entered with tone numbers.With appropriate supporting software, the programs will also run on Macs and other operating systems.All trademarks and copyrights on this page are owned by their respective owners.Download the applet from: ml, data formatted for David Griffiths' QuizShow.Copyright 2018 All Rights Reserved.When the quiz PDF file is generated, the system will convert them to tone marks.

Click the Generate Quiz button to generate a Chinese quiz sheet.
Based on your students' Chinese level, you can change the default settings to set the quiz difficulty level accordingly.