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I make some cake

i make some cake

Pre-Chorus 1, put a how to make flakka torch up now, now I'm building with my hands.
I'll make some cake.
With the rest of my cake.This cake's so good it tastes so well to me, well.Caught off guard with no weaponry, weaponry.Kill that zombie just like 1 2 3, 1.And one egg now, this sweet, sweet, treat, all I need is sugar cane.Just outta' nowhere, no one tellin' me, tellin'.Pre-Chorus 2, pull my sword out now, now I'm feelin' like a man.
I'll find some wheat and one egg now.Verse 2, c-a-k-e spell for me, spell for.This sweet, sweet treat, all I need is sugarcane, i'll make some cake.With THE rest OF MY cake.Put a torch up now, now I'm building with my hands.Think I'LL make some cake, my health goes down, i need a cow, i'll find some wheat.

Think I'll make some cake, chorus, my health goes down, I need a cow.
Just outta' nowhere no one tellin' me, tellin'.