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Let me make it up to you

I'd recommend it for 2nd grade and above- my 1st graders wouldn't be up to it, I don't think.
The first student on each team drew the monster's head, the next student drew his body, the next drew his arms, etc etc.
Readers' Comments by MC, to make this class more advanced try introducing shapes (triangle, square etc.) and getting students to draw their monsters using kortingscode yelloh village 2018 these shapes.
This Monster has yellow hair.Next repeat with the body and then the legs.Carolyn, readers' Comments, i teach at a primary school in Beijing, and my 2nd and 3rd graders love this game!How about a square head?We're looking forward to trying out some of the other games!Have each student start by following your description of the head - "The monster has 3 big, green eyes" etc.Teacher's Set, and in the new curriculum, level.
Then get the students to fold over their drawings and pass the paper to a friend.
We have 25 children between the ages.5 years and 6 years.
Readers' Comments, i run a French club for Early Years children at a primary school in England.Then we voted on which team's monster was the best.Kevin, copyright (C) 1999/2014.I played a variation of this game with 2nd graders that worked really well.This Monster has 1 red head.