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Make a hint

make a hint

She hinted at the possibility of a korting vend recount of the votes.
An example of a hint is someone smiling slightly suggesting that they are very happy.The fact that theyre muts met tekst maken also poised to share their knowledge is a hint that great things are yet to come for all of themand for the industry.Mentors found their way through the crowd to a table marked with their name and area of expertise creative, strategy, interactive or corporate marketing.I could taste a hint of lemon in the wine.Noun, the definition of a hint is a suggestion or small amount of something, or revealing just a bit of information.#8592 Back to Blog, september 26, by adfed and filed under.The typographer worked all day on hinting her new font so it would look good on computer screens.
Information in a computer-based font that suggests how the outlines of the font's glyphs should be distorted in order to produce, at specific sizes, a visually appealing pixel -based rendering.
By that clause) suggest slightly (hinted the contrary; hinted that they were wrong).
Designers and writers learned from mentors about the importance of pushing boundaries and delivering beyond what is asked of you, while staying on strategy.It was like listening to professionals talk to, well, professionals.During past events, conversations centered on how to best position oneself to get a job a popular topic given todays marketplace.And these young folks know.Hint - Computer Definition See hints.An example of to hint is to give clues to what someone will get for their birthday.My car number plate, date sinterklaas gedichten maken zelf gratis of birth, if you have forgotten your password, please enter your e-mail address or customer number on the forgotten password page.