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Make chastity belt

make chastity belt

3 holes to restaurant cadeaukaart amsterdam provide ventilation to the skin to breathe Choice of colors: Clear, Black Dimensions Neo model Silicone 100 natural Total sheath length :.74 inches (95 mm) Ring length:.18 inches (20 mm) Sheath length :.95 inches (75 mm) Tube diameter.
Number of air holes: 7, minimum silicone thickness:.15 inches (4 mm).
Order your Birdlocked now, supplied with tote bag, its plastic rivet, his thong transparent, a stainless padlock 15mm (quality) and 2 keys.
Choice of colors: Clear, Black, Rose Dimensions Maxi model Silicone 100 natural Total sheath length :.13 inches (105 mm) Ring length:.18 inches (30 mm) Sheath length :.95 inches (75 mm) Tube diameter :.37 inches (35 mm) Number of air holes:.It is easy to put on but, once it is closed, it guarantees 100 security.One of the great innovations of this chastity device is the shape of the ring and the form of the tube which closes over the ring securing the device, thus, allowing it to fit all shapes and sizes.The sheath may be crushed yet remain unbroken.See for yourself how easy it is to install.Therefore, we ensure 100 discreet packaging of the products before delivery.Choice of colors: Clear, Black, Rose, Glow.Both penis and sheath are abonnement margriet korting easy to clean without having to remove the sheath.Its solid closing mechanism leaves the wearer in a flexible yet fully secure device, very comfortable to wear as it fits the male anatomy perfectly.This patented sheath, with its unique design, is produced using materials used in medical surgery, making it fully hypoallergenic, while its shape is perfectly suited to the male physique.7 holes to ensure ventilation of the skin to breathe.
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Ring length: 30 mm:.18 inches (30 mm).No assembly between the cage and the ring for comfort and safety.Total sheath length: 95 mm :.7 inches (95 mm).Contains no toxic material or heavy metals.Hypoallergenic product which provokes no irritation, even over prolonged periods.The strap may be cut easily if removal becomes urgent.And as of this year, we also accept cryptocurrency payments such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and other altcoins for your convenience.For your convenience, we offer several payment options: PayPal is our main payment processor, with easy and safe transactions for every type of cards.