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Make install

make install

However, it is usually less clear which package should be installed, as somename can be a free text logo maker online very generic name.
Better still, find or create a binary package, and install that instead.usr/bin for later use.It was time to dig into the Unix Grimoire and find out what the incantation does.Here is what a simple rule looks like: target: dependencies.(configure (error C preprocessor /lib/cpp fails sanity check Your g package is either missing or corrupted.Sudo should be used this way: [email protected] sudo make install It will ask for a password; this usually is either your own password or the system root password.(configure (error somename ( someversion (or higher) not found.Heres the source of the program, in a file called main.
If you do an ls in the source directory, executable files should appear light-green.Therefore, I ask you to comment on it and say what youd like to see documented.The other target files do need to be updated, but in the right order: each target file must be regenerated before it is used in regenerating other targets.Note that the package management system conversely does not install into /usr/local, per the FHS.In these cases the configure script will establish that your system does indeed have a C compiler, and find out what its called and where to find.