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Our local show is modeled on wildly popular wearable art shows in cities like Baton Rouge, Ketchikan, Halifax, and Wellington, New Zealand.
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Wearable Devices Magazine, m, March 2014.Everything You Need to Know, introduction to Wearable Technology, what is Wearable Technology?Is a computer-enhanced bracelet primarily a functional device, or an accessory that happens to provide some form of feedback to the wearer?Smart clothing is just starting to emerge as a significant market entity.Wearable technology tends to be more sophisticated than hand-held technology on the market today because it can provide sensory and scanning features not typically seen in mobile and laptop devices, such as biofeedback and tracking of physiological function.He or she will either compare that Louis Vuitton smartwatch to other high-end luxury watches or to other fitness trackers.They seek beauty, status and peer approval from wearable technology, just as with anything else they display on their bodies.Gowns made from sail cloth scraps, VHS tape, beads, mussel d so much more!
This concept is somewhat similar to ikeas practice of displaying multiple categories of merchandise to create a fully furnished room.For example, permanent make up starter set Lord and Taylor partnered with Bobbi Brown to open the JustBobbi concept store within the department store that offers a variety of wellness and beauty products as well as apparel and accessories. .More attention to aesthetics might make users more prone to forgiveness if the technology doesnt perform as well as they expect.The implications and uses of wearable technology are far reaching and can influence the fields of health and medicine, fitness, aging, disabilities, education, transportation, enterprise, finance, gaming and music.2019 entries for show are now closed.Does a Tory Burch Fitbit Flex belong in the activity trackers section of a store or website, or should it be nestled among other attractive bracelets in the jewelry department? .These outfits have been featured at the PT Wearable Art Show, which started in 2011 as a fundraiser for Jefferson Community Foundations Fund for Women Girls.As the potential uses in various fields continues to grow, the sociological and cultural impact wearable technology will have in the future should not be minimized.

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Updated: March 26, 2014.
Our brains love to categorize new objects, preferably with a label that weve already applied to other things in the past.