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Croatia: Cilipi revisited twice.
If I ever do move to New York, and its not a temporary cadeau voyage plan, you can interpret that as me giving up on all notion of ever having a family of my own.The National grocery story in the above picture predated the Treasure Island grocery store that I remember.Those cookies, especially good when warm from the oven, can be had at Milk and Cookies (19 Commerce St).In 1951, this restaurant was definitely Allgauers Fireside, also called Allgauers and Allgauer Restaurants perhaps it was owned by somebody else in the 1940s.At sea: Sailing into the dream.I vividly remember the lone waitress who served us a gruff, tough blonde with a heart of gold.We went into full tourist mode, watching the National Cherry Blossom Festival Parade (on Constitution Avenue wandering for a few.The number of bears in this ecosystem (which includes Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks) had fallen to an estimated 136 when, in 1975, grizzlies in the lower 48 were listed as threatened.Live like a modern king with a lifestyle that your ancestors couldnt even dream.Bronson Coles Photography Studio My close friend Joan worked at Fannie May in Lincoln Village and told me about a help wanted sign posted next door at Bronson Coles Studios looking for a photo retoucher.Rex Fritschi is a long-time travel agent, now based in Wisconsin.
In the cafes I went to, it was a rule that everyone was staring at their iphone or tablet screen, and even in meetings between friends, a person would keep one eye on their friend and one eye on their phone.
The Purple Hotel, no trip down Lincolnwood memory lane is complete without a mention of the Lincolnwood Hyatt house, aka the Purple Hotel. .
Two masked gunmen entered the popular restaurant on May 13, 1958.Fast forward to 2017 and, this summer, I had my first experience at a loom.Ill never forget when.Once Upon a Time in Lincolnwood.Estonia: A squishy stroll In early September of 2014, I walked on a bog in Estonia.So, I suppose it sounds a bit odd when I say I thought I would see even more at the Onion Festival in Weimar, Germany, in the fall of 2015.This isnt due to just me but the local conditions where New York girls are ready for sex with a mature man who doesnt act like a fag.

A sign at the basilica entry said, no photos, so tourists were sneaking shots like crazy.