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Make space on mac

In the General pane, the Capacity, Available (free space and space Used on your startup disk will be displayed, as seen in the following screen shot: Simple ways to free space, you can employ any of the following tips to increase the free space available.
This is because a portion of the hard drive is used for the operating system and required files.
Before you roll your eyes, consider there's a reason why this is the first thing your colleagues in the.T.
AND background apps IN general.Is this article up to date?Additional information can be found in iPhoto Help.In particular, Virtual Memory (VM) Swap files, located in the /private/var/vm directory, should not be deleted while your Mac is running.Additional tips are provided for saving more space if you have a second internal hard drive or an available partition.Fresh off a reboot veiligheidsplan maken but still having problems?
These files enable the Mac OS X interface to appear in a variety of languages.I didnt do this in the screenshot, but you could also take change your Mac icons to a set that resembles the squared appearance of iOS icons.To prevent this from happening, elevate your laptop on a stand or cooling pad to keep air circulating.Keep your system cool.You can also swipe down from the top of the screen and then tap the gear-shaped icon in the drop-down menu.Make aliases of apps or folders you want to show on your Mac desktop.Then you must kill the Dock for changes to take effect: killall Dock, the spacers can then be moved around like any other Dock icon, just click and drag them.