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Make your own neon

Wire stripper cutter one that can strip 20 - 10awg (gauge) at least, but if can strip thinner too, even better, up to 26awg most should also have a flat blade for cutting wire.
But just get it souvlaki maken close.
You can cut off the free intro maker no watermark online extra EL wire nowjust snip it with regular scissors!
You can attach a connecter to either end.Step 5 - Changing colors Changing colors is very easy, since you have already learned to strip and solder EL wire.The core metal wire has a phosphor-coating, which is what glows; and two other tiny wires wrap around.Supplies, eL wire can be bought from various online stores.In fact, the vintage trend thats making a comeback is even hitting up the home decor front.It will all happen, but it will take long enough to make you wonder if youre doing something wrong.Pull all of your EL wire through the first hole from back to front (at the beginning of the L) leaving just the black wire that connects it to the battery pack on the back of the sign.If you havent heard of EL wire, thats because its typically sewn into fabrics and employed at places like Burning Man (and the occasional Tron cosplay).You can do this in any way you feel comfortable.Level of difficulty, this how-to is going to be fairly extensive, and dedicated to the intermediate crafter (whatever that means).Strip the end of the EL wire about 1" and expose the core wire.
I used fishline to tie the mug handle closer to the mug body.After printing, just tape all the pieces together.So youll want to brush away any shavings after each hole so they dont stick to your sign. .(via That Neon Sign ) Have you DIYd a neon light?You have soldered your own piece of Cool Neon wire.You dont want one to slice open the tubing and expose the joint.The "High Bright Hella Phat 5mm" may be harder to bend, and I believe is equally bright as the standard, but it may look more like traditiona neon's size.

They are also flexible, unlike glass, and thin enough so you can make smaller signs for smaller spaces.