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R2d2 maken

Got the bot 3d printed.
Vouw de strook gifts for mom to be naar achteren tot het de grond raakt.Finally, the scanning line with a pencil, so that the whole more three-dimensional appearance Attachments Step 9: Fixed R2D2 Fixed R2D2 with screws and bearing, it's no difficulty.In this project, I use a 3D printer to make a R2-D2 robot and use Re-speaker to make it speak, Re-speaker is a powered by the MT7688 Wi-Fi module and the built-in high performance microphone, Re-Speaker responds to your voice and recognize your speeches based.Wait a while, there will be saying.Press, cTRL U to upload codes to your board.Make the demo your own.
I would love to make one of these to go with my Rebel Alliance headphones.
Step 1: Prepare the Stuffs, first of all, you had to find a 3D-Printer.
And then, change the bing_KEY to your own.#!/bin/sh amixer sset Capture 90 cd /tmp/run/mountd/mmcblk0p1/ R2D2_ReSpeaker /r2d2 python /dev/console At last, reboot your Re-Speaker.Then attention fixed servo and gear.Click Sketch Add file to add o file from.Vi Step 7: Setup the Startup Script Navigate to /tmp/run/mountd/mmcblk0p1 by execute following commands: [email protected] cd /Media/SD-P1 Then create a file named autorun vi autorun And add the following code.Bedek het karton met een laag kleefspray, die snel droogt en de afbeelding niet beschadigt.This project is made as an Open Source Project.Seeed is not selling.It's a starting point.And connect the speaker to the Re-Speaker.