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Town of salem gift codes

Attendant, win your first game as Veteran.
So I highly recommend you keep those referral codes for people you actually know/trust.
Dust to Dust Win 25 games as a Pirate.View/set parent page (used for creating gezicht slanker maken app breadcrumbs and structured layout).Bulletproof, find a member of the Mafia.You have to keep in mind that you are still responsible for what other people do on their referred account before they even buy the game, which makes you liable for a suspension or worse.Miasma Place 3 traps in a single game.Vial Juggler Win 10 games as a Plaguebearer.What's in the Trap?Whoops Shoot 3 people who can't die at night.PC miscellaneous board / Card Game, steam Achievements.
Adept of the Town, win 5 games as a Mayor.
It's gettin' hot in here Kill the Jailor who jailed you.Disinfect This Trap Save your target.CIA, win 5 games as a Janitor.Close Call, win 10 games as an Amnesiac.Natural Remedies Win 10 games as an Ambusher.Disco Inferno Role block yourself.Why Won't They Die?Win 250 games of Town of Salem Iconic Win 25 games as an Arsonist Ifrit Manage to clean up your own dead body.Not Suspicious Win 5 games of Town of Salem Novice Win your first game as an Amnesiac Oblivious Win your first game as a Witch Occultist Win the game without cleaning any bodies.

Blackout, have your bulletproof vest save you from death.